A Celebration


1. Sanctus
2. Calm is the Sea
3. Where Shall I Be?
4. The Pasture
5. Sweet Georgia Brown
6. Myfanwy Listen to a sample
7. Bring Him Home (Les Miserables)
8. Moab
9. Here There and Everywhere
10. Dana! Dana!
11. We’ll Keep a Welcome Listen to a sample
12. Cymru Fach
13. Anthem (Chess) Listen to a sample
14. A Balm in Gilead
15. Morte Christe
16. Sometimes (Champions) Listen to a sample
17. Sunset Poem (Under Milk Wood)
18. There is a Land

Songs with the Sound icon symbol next to them have a thirty-second sample available in mp3 format. Click on the icon to hear the sample.

Sleeve Art copyright Black Mountain Records